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Stallion Reproductive Studies

Industry Leaders

Our advancements in the discipline of stallion reproduction have had a significant impact on the equine breeding industry, and our team has emerged as the leading group worldwide in stallion reproduction.  At the last two International Symposia on Equine Reproduction (Kentucky, 2010 and New Zealand, 2014), over 20% of the stallion papers presented worldwide were authored by TAMU faculty or graduate students, and over  40% of the plenary papers presented at the International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction (Austria, 2012) involved authors from TAMU.  Faculty members have recently presented keynote addresses in the United States, Europe, South Africa, South America, and Australia.  The team conducts research on breeding stallions, and offers expert assistance to stallion owners worldwide, with frequent visits to premier equine breeding operations across the Americas, as well as Europe and Australia.

We have devised a battery of tests to evaluate sperm and testicular function, and developed methods for critically assessing stallion reproductive function in the clinical setting.  Our team has also defined new approaches for preservation of both cooled and frozen semen, and devised methods for improving reproductive performance of breeding stallions.

Mare Reproductive Studies

Setting the Bar

Texas A&M University has been on the cutting edge, leading the study of mare reproduction and the development and refinement of technologies that improve the reproductive potential of the industry’s most important performance horses.  Advances in many of the reproductive technologies used in commercial programs across the country - including techniques for embryo transfer, oocyte transfer, ICSI, and nuclear transfer - were pioneered by A&M faculty.

Veterinarians and research scientists at Texas A&M are currently working on new methods for collecting, maturing, fertilizing, and storing mare oocytes (eggs), for improving success rates with both ICSI and embryo culture, and for diagnosing genetic abnormalities of embryos prior to their transfer to recipient mares.

Equine Reproductive Studies/Legends Premier Stallion Season Auction/Funding

The future

The scientific advancements in equine reproduction originating from research conducted at Texas A&M have been remarkable, leading to vast improvements in the reproductive abilities of mares and stallions under the pressures of today’s expanded production expectations.   Our unrelenting dedication to the development of innovative methods for preservation of gametes (both sperm and oocytes) and embryos has resulted in alternative means for maximizing the reproductive potential of valuable stallions and mares and expanded the worldwide distribution of valuable genetics.

Perhaps our biggest legacy is providing exceptional academic and clinical foundations for students so that they will make a significant impact on the horse industry tomorrow.  Our future success is dependent upon, and made possible through, the generosity of donors and buyers participating in our annual Legends Premier Stallion Season Auction, and gifts to the Texas A&M Foundation specifically directed to Equine Reproductive Studies.

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“Lazy E Ranch considers the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine Stallion Reproductive Studies Program to be the finest such program available to breeding farms in the world today. Dr. Varner and his team are second to none and are recognized as such by leaders throughout the industry. Their leadership and dedication provide solutions to real-world problems that farm managers face every breeding season.”

Mr. “Butch” Wise
General Manager, Lazy E Ranch
Guthrie, Oklahoma